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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Frosted Trash - Getting ready for Summer!

Welcome! I set this blog up to talk about  Beach Glass and show jewely that I make.   For those who don't know, beach glass is really just bottles, jars and broken decorative glass - usually from generation before us.  These items got thrown into landfills that are now underwater or just got thrown right into the water!  People thought that was a good way to dispose of things - they didn't have the environmental awareness we do today.    Well, the really cool thing is that Nature takes these "trash" pieces of glass  and rubs them in and on the sand over and over again.  Over time, the sharp shards become soft edged, rounded and Frosted!  The variety of colored pieces are so pretty and unique.  I never tumble any glass, just use them as found.  That's why earrings can be tricky....no two pieces are really alike.  With the beach glass, I use crystal, beads, pearls, silver and any embellishment that helps to make something pretty and useful out of "trash".  It's a lovely way to recycle!
Today I thought I would put some pictures of my creations for you to look at.