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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Just Bloggin' Around

First - thanks for all your comments, I love hearing about what you think!  I know that you all love blue, so here are a couple of pieces that will be on my new Etsy site soon

Don't you just love the rich warm blue?  These are both really nicely frosted.

When will I be up and running on Etsy???  All you busy people know that soon means if I can get through the weekend and finally put all my winter clothes away (I can't be the only one!).

Until it's up and running, you can WIN a piece of my Maryland Beach Glass jewelry!  Yea!  Follow the link to Low Tide, High Style blog and you can sign up to win a piece!!  Ms Tide featured my jewelry in a recent post so you can get an idea of other thingsI make.

She also featured the "decks" view of my house in the Neverending Vacation post.  I've included the link here for you to see.  She is saving the rest of the house pictures, since they are being looked at for possible publication.

The little house in the woods is my friend Susan's and is right down the street from me.  Her house was recently featured in Southern Maryland This Is Living!

Have a wonderful holiday and good luck on the contest!


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

Can't wait for your etsy shop to open! Loving your creations.

Sherri said... [Reply to comment]

Can't wait to see you on etsy! I am on there too and I love it!

Just Us said... [Reply to comment]

Am I old or out of touch? I don't know whay etsy is, but I am going to find out. I just wanted to tell you I am a lover of seaglass also, but alas not an artist or maker of things beautiful. I would love for you to read my story that I started the day I turned 51. It is on my blog which is more of a personal journal. I don't think anyone reads it except for my precious daughter in law. Just go to the first post and let me know what you think. I have a cool picture of a wine bottle of seaglass that I took last month when I got engaged. Maybe you would appreciate the sentiments. www.seaglassandsunshine.blogspot.com I will now be following your site with anticipation and love!

Barbara Jacksier said... [Reply to comment]

Please let me know when your "shop" opens. Judging by your teasers, I can't wait.