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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Going to work

I have a full time job, but my part time job as a jewelry designer is my favorite thing to do.   When I "go to work" for that job, it means a long walk on the beach!  Finding beach glass or beach "trash" is always exciting and never the same two days in a row.  If you've gone beach-hunting, what are the fun things that you've found?  Recently I took a long walk on the beach and this was my collection:

As you can see, there is a real variety of beach glass.  Even though white beach glass is common, it's always so perfectly "frosted" - it has a cool, snowy look.  I love to pair it with turquoise:

I keep a large glass jar full of just white on my kitchen counter.  In another post I will show all the ways to display glass around your home.  I also found some driftwood, a pottery shard, and some "Mermaid's tears".  These are small, perfectly polished quartz stones.  Some are round and some are oval.  You can see one in the foreground of the picture.  I started to notice these smooth white stones after seeing the movie "Somethings Gotta Give".  There were bowls of beach stones all around her gorgeous house.  I now collect these in my favorite antique white flower pots.    Here is a picture of one:

Let me know what kinds of things you are finding on your "secret" beaches!


Nancy H. said... [Reply to comment]

I cannot believe you found that much sea glass in one outing. I live in the Outer Banks and I always look for sea glass, but it is very hard to find here. I consider it a very good day when I find one piece. Maybe I am not a good sea glass "hunter!" Your jewelry is very beautiful!

Sherri said... [Reply to comment]

I love what you found on your last walk! I have a collection of beach glass I collected at the Jersey shore when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I have some quite large pieces of cobalt blue, aqua bottle bottoms, etc. I love your jewelry! I too make jewelry but not from beach glass. Enjoy!

Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

You are so lucky to find all that sea glass! I have only found maybe five or six pieces ever. Your creations are wonderful.