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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Dog Days

Hi, my name is Mattie and I am Frosted Trash's Grandoggy!

We recently had a visit from my daughter and her family who live in New Hampshire.  They (including Mattie!) had a fun time even though the temperatures were in the 99-104's!  Mattie kept cool inside the house along with my kitty Willy.  Willy watched Grandoggy with a suspicious eye, I think because Mattie loves cat food!

While taking Mattie for a walk on the beach, my son in law found an interesting piece of frosted trash (beach glass) that no one could figure out.  It looks like a top of a bottle, but where the hole should be - it's covered.  Anyone have an idea what it could have been?  He won the prize for the most unusual piece of beach glass this trip!

It will go in my "Interesting Glass" bowl.  If you check Low Tide High Style , you'll see it filled with glass.  It's a replica of an old fish bowl - big and round on a glass stand.  Some of the pieces in it are interesting only to me and some are really weird!

Here's a sample of a weird looking piece - "campfire" glass. 

Campfire glass was melted by some type of fire and when it cooled, made a free form shape.  Sometimes it also has pieces of burnt wood, rocks or sand in it - trapped for all time.
I made a pendant for my husband to wear out of a neat piece with black lines - probably carbon got folded into it when it was melted.

Not all beach glass that's found can be made into jewelry, but even the unusual can sometimes be beautiful.


Sailing Simply said... [Reply to comment]

Very pretty pink glass in the last photo! When I saw your first photo I thought I was looking at a knob for a cabinet! I don't have a clue what this is!

Sherri said... [Reply to comment]

I wonder if it's an antique glass door knob.

michelle said... [Reply to comment]

It is very pretty whatever it is. I thought that it might have been a doorknob as well, but then I see it looks like it screws into something. Interesting!

John Lombardi said... [Reply to comment]

After thinking about it I am pretty sure that unique piece is an old electrical glass fuse. What a find!
Also I noticed what looked to be a sea glass marble in your “Interesting Glass” bowl. Very interesting… Who found that?
Oh yea that was me too ;)

Frosted Trash said... [Reply to comment]

Yea for my son in law John! He solved the puzzle of the mystery beach glass! John has a good eye and he always makes Mattie walk near the beach so he can look for the "prize" piece. He found the marble last summer :)

Debbie said... [Reply to comment]

I'm stopping by from Low Tyde High Style. LOVE the earrings!!! ALL of them! I just started collecting sea glass this past year, and I really am fascinated by all the textures and colors.
Your blog is wonderful! will be following.

countrycharisma said... [Reply to comment]

Hi. I just found your site from Low Tide High Tide, and so happy to find you. I grew up near the shores of Lake Michigan and always found beach glass as a child. Now I have children and grands in Hawaii, and on a recent visit my son took us to his favorite sea glass hunting beach. I was taken back, and found numerous pieces. I have been studying how to drill them to make them into earrings. Fist attempt failed. My daughter-in-law makes jewelry too, www.seajewelry.blogspot.com and is a new blogger. Love your site and following you. blessings, carrell

Blarneyboy said... [Reply to comment]

There's something magical about finding bits of glass debris, discarded as trash so many years ago, and seeing them now transformed by nature into little translucent gems! Finding them, especially the rare ones, is like finding tiny treasures. But then to see them reclaimed in such an interesting way as remarkable handcrafted jewelry completes the circle. Very fascinating!