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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Best Show Around....Nature!

We never get tired of just looking at the beautiful nature around us here on the island. The changing water and sky colors remind me of beach glass. Sometimes the water can be aqua, sometimes it's teal. When there is a storm, the water turns dark blue. I try to capture the soft, sunny colors and the dark stormy colors in some of my beach glass jewelry. These necklaces show the two personalities of the water I think.

My pallet of colors can change to suit my mood too. Sometimes I feel like making something bold, and sometimes gently delicate.  Don't you love the wonderful colors of beach glass!

Weather by the shore can be unpredictable.  When we first lived next to the water, there were several incidents of soaked carpet when windows were left open - we don't ever leave them open now!  Once my husband thought he could take a quick trip to the store without closing up the house.  The sky was clear and sunny.  In the 10 minutes it took him to get home the sky got dark, windy and rainy.  The wind blew the rain in the windows and french doors --- all the loose papers in his office flew around, got wet and stuck to the walls!  What a mess!   We do laugh at it now!  I'll bet everyone who lives near the water has some stories - want to share?

We were sitting on the deck this morning after going for a walk on the island.  It had been sunny and cool with some light clouds.  In the sky, off in the distance, there was a growing band of dark.  Then the breeze picked up and the dark clouds started to sweep across the sky.  The layers of dark right over the blue sky was so dramatic I grabbed my camera.

We have a porch on the water side of the house and it has a large overhang from the deck above it.  We sat, safe from the storm, enjoying the show and the wonderful breezes.  The dark clouds eventually took over the whole sky and then it rained.  We have a nest of Osprey out in the water in front of the house.  The "babies" are now big enough to be taking short flying trips.  When the rain started the whole family opened their wings and took a shower!

The Gulls didn't seem to think the rain was fun at all!

Too bad for them, it cooled and entertained us!


michelle said... [Reply to comment]

I found you via Kat at Low Tide High Style! Your jewelry is so beautiful! I love beach glass but unfortunately Lake Michigan doesn't offer up a lot where I am. But when I do find some...I get giddy and my husband just shakes his head.
What a great day to watch the storm from your porch!